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Founded by Daniel Gorjão, Teresa Tavares and Sara Garrinhas, the Cultural Association Teatro do Van arises from the will, common to creators of different artistic disciplines, to enhance a space, human and physical, for research, experimentation and freedom.

Its main objective is to promote culture and creativity, understood as vehicles for the development of human beings and societies, proposing to encourage research and artistic experimentation, making the general public aware of contemporary art.

Teatro do Vão

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Theatre of the vain had an outdated website without the ability to manage its contents and which did not adapt to its needs. After an analysis we noticed that the site was also unresponsive and had numerous navigation flaws.

We chose to develop a website with a minimalist design similar to the old one but with all the corrections of the detected flaws and with the ability to manage articles and news by the organization. Over time, we have updated its design while keeping navigation simple.

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