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Setúbal Voz

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Setúbal Voz

Associação Setúbal Voz is an artistic project based on lyrical singing and contemporary music and arts. It is characterized by the search for identity, the elaboration of new artistic creations and the relationship with contemporary arts and artists. It is based on three pillars: Coro Setúbal Voz, Ateliê de Ópera de Setúbal and Companhia de Ópera de Setúbal.

the challenge

Association Setúbal Voz’s main requirement was a website where the arrangement of its audiovisual content and images from the various aspects such as the Choir, Opera Studio and Opera Company was easy to organize and access through a simple and easy-to-use organization. browse.

A website was then created focusing on listing works within each aspect with full access to the various galleries and detailed information about each one.

Setúbal Voz

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since 2022 working together

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