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Project Casa d’Árvore

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Project Casa d’Árvore

Casa d’árvore emerged in 2014, following a professional and personal turning point by Carla Ricardo. And this house aims to be your home in both dimensions:
– physical home – comfortable, pleasant, peaceful, safe;
– emotional home – space for restorative, contentful and trusting relationships.
The I, You and We, the intersubjective space of the therapeutic relationship.

In this house, there are trees. Trees that represent the process of growth and no growth becomes solid if the security… of the roots is not at its base.

Who has never dreamed of a tree house? When we see them, our imagination takes us to ideas of play, shelter, confidences and refuge, of peace. And so is our home!

The tree house aims to be a space of comfort and intimacy, safe and comfortable. And it is from this base that we set out to discover.

the challenge

In the challenge of improving the online presence of “A Casa d’Árvore”, we were faced with a situation that required immediate intervention. The existing website had a confusing navigation experience, leaving visitors lost and with disorganized information. Furthermore, the absence of an appointment booking system made it difficult for users to schedule their services conveniently.

Committed to raising the quality of our digital presence, we have outlined an action plan focused on simplifying navigation and facilitating appointment scheduling.

We implemented a clear and intuitive information architecture, ensuring that users easily found what they were looking for. We have also introduced an online appointment booking system, providing a more convenient experience for customers.

The result is a renewed website that not only represents the uniqueness of “A Casa d’Árvore” clearly, but also offers users a hassle-free online journey, where booking appointments is as simple as a click.

Project Casa d’Árvore

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