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Pluto Analytics

Pluto Analytics

Pluto Analytics is a global consultancy company, focused on Analytics and Data Science, made up of experienced consultants in the area.
Its approach is to align business strategy and company growth with a data strategy and analytical capabilities.

the challenge

In the challenge of modernize Pluto Analytics’ online space, we are faced with a worrying scenario. Its website, outdated and lacking technological modernization, had serious limitations. The absence of a functional backoffice made quick and efficient updates impossible, while the lack of responsiveness compromised the user experience on mobile devices.

Facing these gaps, we set out not only to build a new website, but to reinvent our client’s digital presence. The objective was clear: to provide you with an agile platform, easy to manage and adapted to current standards.

By embracing this challenge, we not only renew a website, but we also provide the necessary tools to keep your online presence always up to date and aligned with the expectations of the modern public. The end result is not just a renewed website, but a solid foundation to face the technological challenges of the present and the future.

If you also face similar challenges, we are ready to create customized solutions that will catapult your online presence to new challenges.

Pluto Analytics

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