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Created to be a virtual space that intends to function as a search engine and access portal to a wide range of conscious offers and solutions, where the common point is a collective will to respond to the demand for a more responsible future experience in environmental terms.
GreenBioVibe proposes the creation of a nucleus with several small projects, a collaboration and transparency of brands with products that respect and respond to this increasingly necessary search for an organized, free and natural world.

the challenge

Being an innovative and personal project, it was necessary to gather requirements in the medium term so that the platform can follow its evolution according to the new needs. Since the main focus is the dissemination of sustainable brands and projects, the creation of an archive of publications distinguished by categories was the most indicated.

We created a blog with articles divided into different categories, completely autonomous and managed by GreenbioVibe. Later we have implemented other modules and features such as the multilingual site and graphic improvements.


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