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Cosmic Gong was founded in 2010 by Ângelo Surinder and Kátia Prior, with the aim of promoting an integrated set of practices in the areas of Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Shamanism. Based in Palmela, in the district of Setúbal, the project reflects the wisdom and inspiration of different traditions and cultures around the world, received through travel and contact with influential masters in the field of Sound Medicine. Cosmic Gong is also the official representative of several renowned instrument brands, available in the online store.
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Having an online store optimized for the customer is essential these days, as more and more people shop online. When a website does not have an optimized user interface and a backoffice that is difficult to maintain, this can lead to frustration among users and make the sales process difficult.

For this reason, it is important to have a service that allows the improvement of the virtual store, making it more efficient and pleasant for customers. We apply an intuitive design and simplified navigation, customers can easily find what they are looking for and make their purchases quickly and safely.

In addition, the backoffice was changed to ensure greater ease of use, which allows the team responsible for managing the virtual store to manage sales and stock more efficiently, without wasting time on processes and complications.


With a service that allows online store optimization on a regular basis, Cosmic Gong can improve customer experience and increase sales conversions. This can result in a significant increase in sales and customer loyalty, who trust Cosmic Gong and recommend it to others.

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